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Get work done with iPECS ONE anywhere, anytime

iPECS ONE is a solution designed to optimise all of your business communication needs. Creating a digital workplace has never been simpler than through one application that does it all. Work together seamlessly with your team using advanced tools for calls, chat and collaboration from anywhere, at anytime.

Unleash productivity

Make workflow seamless by collaborating at the click of a button. Share progress with colleagues and clients in real time. Our tools keep collaboration simple, so you’re free to do what you do best.

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Work mobile

You don’t have to be in the office to be in the loop. Anyone can join meetings from anywhere via email link, keeping relationships close whatever the distance.

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Combine compliance and convenience

Fuss-free collaboration without a cost to security. All tools have end-to-end encryption , so sharing information is both safe and seamless.

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iPECS ONE is a web based unified communications & team collaboration application that allows you to connect with your team and customers, anywhere, anytime.

iPECS ONE is a solution designed to optimize all of your business communication needs. Creating a digital workplace has never been simpler than through one application that does it all. Work together seamlessly with your team using advanced tools for calls, chat and collaboration from anywhere, at anytime.

  • UC & Collaboration solution – iPECS Call handling, Messaging, Video Conferencing
  • Web based voice, video, sharing on Chrome browser with no plug-in
  • Desktop phone control client supported – Make, Answer, Hold, Transfer, End Call and Ad-hoc Conference
  • Supporting mobile apps – Android, iPhone
  • Providing consistent user scenario among multiple devices – single number, call log, chats, contacts, presence
  • Guest invitation to video conferencing thru URI link – Max. 15 participants in video conference
  • 5 Key menus for clients– Home, Contacts, Calls, Chat, Spaces
  • Automated provisioning for user friendly service engagement
  • Global search for easy to find contents – contacts, messages, chats
  • Open architecture – providing client SDK for 3rd party app development
All in One Communications

Handle your calls, messaging and video conferencing all through the comfort of one app. A versatile and user-friendly way to communicate.

Work from anywhere, anytime

Through WebRTC, iPECS ONE allows you to access all of your communications in real time, no matter where your team are based. Just send a link and anyone can access the client through their browser.

Powerful team collaboration

Work alongside your team from start to finish with iPECS ONE’s collaborative features. With video conferences, group chats and calls as well as simple file sharing, teamwork is prioritised.

Feature-rich call service

iPECS ONE’s call features are supported by iPECS Cloud Call Servers, giving you the best of our cloud platform in one app. iPECS ONE includes all the features you have come to expect from iPECS; call recording, video calls, presence systems and one number service through Open API.

Easy to use

An intuitive interface is just the start of iPECS ONE’s ease of use. A personal dashboard keeps you informed about the data you need to know, whilst global search features allow you to find the data you need quickly, from contacts to individual messages.

Expanded Service with Open Architecture

Integrations with well-known CRMs and Web API, alongside your own company database, allows you to take advantage of all of the systems that your business is used to, including 3rd party client applications.

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Unified Communications (UC) application that works across all devices. Combine all business communications on a single platform. Enjoy video, voice, email, instant messaging and more, from any device and location.

Finally, a business communication tool that enhances the way you work. The Unified Communications (UC) app that combines all the features of a high-end desk phone and collaboration tool in a single application.

  • Call control, instant messaging and voicemail
  • Voice and video conferencing
  • Seamless experience across devices
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Mobile, desktop and web app
  • Third-party integrations, including MS Outlook
  • Supporting on-premise and cloud deployment
  • Centralised call log
  • Centralised phonebook
Bring everything together

Combine all your essential business communications tools into one platform. Our UC tools improve customer experience and increase productivity.

Take the office with you

Make, take and transfer calls from any device, to any device, from any location. Whoever you call will only ever see your business number – even from your smartphone.

Experience consistency

Enjoy the same interface across devices for ease of use. Seamlessly transfer calls from your mobile device to your desk phone or PC and vice versa.

Know your customers

No more trawling through separate email and phone logs to find out what your customer needs. Integrate with your CRM, keeping all customer information in one easily accessible place.

Bring your own device

Make your personal device an extension of your telephone system. No need to keep upgrading obsolete hardware. Enable the enterprise mobility that a BYOD culture brings.

See who’s available

No more time wasted on inefficient internal communications. Each user can set their own bespoke presence message, showing their availability in real-time.

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