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As a partner of Aria Technologies, you gain access to top-tier technologies and beyond. Our resellers excel, providing superior solutions to clients, supported by our distinctive value-added services.

Aria is customer-centric and focused on helping you excel and profit within your business. With a collective average of 35+ years industry experience, our highly trained staff are always on hand and can provide you the absolute best solution for your next project.


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Onsell the very best products and services on the market today! Aria is Australia’s Number 1 Ericsson-LG and iPECS provider. Our products and services are hand selected based on reliability, performance and compatibility.

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Security & Privacy

Resilliant, tough and protected for you and your clients. Be protected against Toll fraud, data theft and more. With data protection laws tightening, businesses need trustworthy system security and call encryption to stay safe and compliant in a changing environment.

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Aria’s products are fully compatible with all of the industry standard apps you know and love. Benefit from advanced and convenient features such as Microsoft Office, Social Media and CRM integrations. We make work and life easy.

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Aria strives to be best in class which includes comprehensive personalised support such as one-on-one training, live demonstration, physical meetings, tailored solution design, troubleshooting as well as business consultation and advisory.

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We celebrate in the victories of our clients as proud industry leaders offering reliable, feature rich & expandable products & services designed to promote our partners success.

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We support you from the onset and throughout. Aria provides comprehensive training, IT & Telecommunication marketing software & quality advice with swift resolutions.