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Trusted network solutions for business and government

Software and hardware development as well as manufacturing take place mainly in Germany, and the same applies to the hosting of the network management (LANCOM Management Cloud). Particular attention is paid to providing trustworthy solutions with excellent security features. In addition, backdoor freedom is a key protective feature of the products. The trust mark "IT Security Made in Germany" and certification by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) confirm the trustworthiness and the outstanding level of security.

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Leading European manufacturer of network and security solutions

LANCOM Systems, Europe's foremost networking and security solutions provider, offers trusted, future-proof solutions for both public and private sectors. With a unique blend of hardware and cloud-based software-defined networking, LANCOM ensures reliable, secure connections. Proudly engineered in Germany, LANCOM prioritizes customer trust and network security, providing long-term support and competitive advantages.

Whether you are small, medium or a large enterprise, whether you are in one office or in various geographical locations or utilizing remote workers, you can now offer the key requirements for successful and modern customer experience.

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Facts & figures

Formed in 2002 through a management buyout from ELSA AG, LANCOM Systems continues the legacy of ELSA's Communication Systems department. Founder Ralf Koenzen leads the company's success. With 400 employees across Europe, LANCOM is a leading European provider of network infrastructure solutions, trusted by millions worldwide. Operating exclusively through over 7,500 distribution partners, LANCOM serves various sectors globally as a subsidiary of Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG.

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LANCOM SD-WAN gateways and SD-WAN Central Site Gateways provide professional Internet access for small and medium-sized enterprises, branch offices, and home offices. The VPN-capable routers also permit secure networking of multiple locations and provide VPN dial-up access.


LANCOM Remote & Mobile Access solutions provide secure and scalable access to corporate applications in the office, at home, or on the road. With classic VPN, cloud-managed VPN, or based on the Zero Trust principle with granular access rights, modern hybrid working is protected from anywhere and anytime.

Wireless LAN

The intelligent Wi-Fi solutions from LANCOM are easy to install and offer extensive security mechanisms. For the application in rough environments LANCOM additionally offers access points in metal housing and devices with integrated antennas for inconspicuous installations.


Gigabit Ethernet switches from LANCOM are fully compatible to all LANCOM routers and access points. They are integrated into the LANCOM Management System, they offer extensive security and QoS functionalities and are ideal for implementing virtualized networks.


The LANCOM security portfolio provides a reliable security architecture that protects corporate and user data from unwanted access and cyber attacks. Powerful hardware and accessories equip you to be prepared for security risks of any kind.

Network Management

Gigabit Ethernet switches from LANCOM are fully compatible to all LANCOM routers and access points. They are integrated into the LANCOM Management System, they offer extensive security and QoS functionalities and are ideal for implementing virtualized networks.

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Tailor to your needs

A comprehensive range for all environments, budgets and telephony requirements, from simple analog phones to fully featured executive handsets. Whether you need to talk by video or voice, find the phones and devices that gets the job done.

Build your future

Enjoy easy integration with other Ericsson-LG Enterprise products. Integrate your handsets seamlessly with iPECS Unified Communications (UC) platforms. Experience full compatibility with a suite of specialized productivity-boosting tools.


Cloud managed LAN or SD-LAN (software-defined local area network) enables multi-site switch configurations and user-friendly monitoring.

With just a few mouse clicks, central components such as the switches, access points, and routers are synchronized and configured in one go.

This form of network administration massively speeds up and simplifies network setup and updates.


Software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs), an element of SDN technology, enable the installation of secure IPsec VPN connections between different remote sites with a few clicks of the mouse.

The entire configuration is automated—for savings in time and costs.


Cloud managed wireless LAN or software-defined wireless local area networking (SD-WLAN) uses the advantages of virtualization for the efficient design and deployment of Wi-Fi scenarios.

The automatic configuration handles several WLANs, including, for example, the network isolation of hotspots.

All that needs to be specified here is the SSID authentication method and, if required, any bandwidth restrictions for the individual WLANs. The Wi-Fi profiles created in this way can be applied to any number of access points and Wi-Fi routers at the desired locations.


Implementing Unified Threat Management (UTM) in firewalls or secure SD-WAN gateways at the headquarters or branch sites assures reliable protection of the IT network against unwanted content such as spam, viruses, or malware.

Network security also includes the use of the latest security standards and a carefully considered network segmentation via virtual networks (VLANs) to strictly separate the responsibilities and roles within the individual components of the network and also to save on purchasing, configuration, and maintenance costs.

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