iPECS ClickCall


iPECS ClickCall is a smart application used to make communications simpler and easier when working with a PC.

All you need to do is highlight a telephone number from any Window application such as web site, Windows document or application running on your PC, click and your iPECS handset dials the number.

No more memorising phone numbers, no more dialling wrong numbers by mistake, you can now quickly and easily dial telephone numbers from your PC.


Features and Benefits

  • Idea for people who need to dial telephone numbers on their PC
  • Easy to use
  • Practical dialling options. Highlight number and…
    1. Auto dial
    2. Click to dial
    3. Hot Key to dial
  • Deals with spaces, (), +61, 0’s in the number
  • Shows dialled call log (last 10 numbers)
  • Works for IP, Digital, Analogue and DECT handsets
  • Simple to install. No dedicated server required