iPECS CCS (Contact Centre Suite)


Smart All-In-One Customer Service

Contact centres are changing to accommodate the needs of the end customer. Customer’s want the ability to contact you using the channel, that is convenient for them. Therefore the ideal solution must be scalable and fully featured to meet these expectations.

To help manage these expectations, contact centres need to have the flexibility to be able  to offer a variety of communication channels, include social media, email and web chat as well as traditional IP Telephony and IVR facilities.

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Ericsson-LG iPECS Contact Centre Suite (CCS)

iPECS-CCS offers seamless integration with the iPECS-UCP and iPECS-CM phone solutions. It can be combined with other Ericsson-LG applications, enabling your contact centre agents and staff to benefit from the use of unified communications, mobility and other applications.



Single, All-in-One Platform

  • The platform is able to manage telephone, emails, faxes, SMS, web call back, call-back in queue, web chat and social networking
  • Apply different rules for each media or channel
  • Agents use the same software applications  for multimedia call handling


Highly Scalable

iPECS-CCS can easily scale from 1 to 250 users making it ideal for small, medium and enterprise sized organisations. Plus, the modular architecture allows for the solution to expand as your organisation does. You can add functions and facilities when you need them.


Cost Control

  • The modular architecture lets you select and pay for only the functionality you require
  • Cost effective bundles for initial installation 
  • Lower operating costs as there is no hardware and fewer servers to maintain 
  • Is software based and uses HMP (Host Media Processing), no dialogic cards required
  • Real time business rule changes with an easy to use self-creating Call Flow Design tool, reducing the need for additional training


Simple and easy to use

  • CFD(Call Flow Design) tools provide simple drag and drop options, and real time call flow changes without needing to learn complex administration or script.
  • Flexible and intuitive dashboards and reports
  • Easy to use and intuitive agent software

Example of CCS Desk Software


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